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  • What age range is We Gonna Learn Today for? 

Everyone from Kindergarten to Adults. But truthfully it depends on you the parent.

We all teach our kids at different ages and you would be the best person to determine

 if your child is ready for some of the material. But you can always play the Jigsaw and Sliding puzzles

these activities have small portions of that persons history like nicknames or things they have created or founded.

  • Who created We Gonna Learn Today? 

         We Gonna Learn Today was created by Matthew Hale based in Tampa, FL

  • Are the We Gonna Learn Today sing along songs on streaming platforms?

         Yes. We also have downloadable MP3's on our sing-along pages.

  • Do you have an app? 

         Yes, The We Gonna Learn Today (WGLT) is available in the Google Play store click here to install it.

We are working on getting It in the  Apple Store.

  • Why get the app? What does it feature?

         Quick access from your phone instead of opening  your favorite web browser. 

Also 24-hour access to the app with offline downloadable content.

  • Is the app free? Are there any in-app purchases? 

         Yes, the app is free.  If you want full access to the website and all of the available content, you will still have to subscribe.  You can purchase songs and E-Books if you choose not to subscribe.

  • What is the goal for We Gonna Learn Today?

         The goal for WGLT is to eventually get this in the school system.

Black History is American History and should be taught on every level.  Not just as an elective in colleges.

  • Does We Gonna Learn Today teach my children all Black History? 

         We Gonna Learn Today was created to inspire children and adults to learn more about Black History.   

We Gonna Learn Today should be used as a supplemental tool by parents and educators.

  • Will you make more content and other products? 

         Yes. We add NEW content every month for our subscribers.

  • Is this a minority-owned business? 

         Yes. We Gonna Learn Today is owned and operated by Matthew Hale

  • Question: Are you on social media? 

         Yes, we are. You can follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, Pinterest and Instagram (links are at the top of the website).

  • How do I cancel my subscription? 

         First we are sad to see you go.  If you want to cancel you will have to go to your PayPal account and cancel through

         your account.  Under your subscription plans.


  • Why does Every Dollar Countz LLC show up when I go to pay for items on this site.

         Every Dollar Countz LLC is the name of my company and will show on all purchases made on this site.

  • What do I get when I subscribe

        You get at least 15 new activities a week, which is at minimum 60 new activities a month. As well as at least 1 new person, place or diminished story a month. Access to the full digital library and interactive activities.

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